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By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
November 30, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry ProceduresHow cosmetic dentistry from your dentists in Fort Worth, Texas, can help your smile

If you aren’t proud of your smile, it’s time to rejuvenate it with cosmetic dentistry services. No matter what bothers you about your smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help you and your smile look great! Call Drs. William Ralstin and Lindsey Horwedel in Fort Worth, TX, to achieve a smile that you a smile you can be proud of!

More about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can help brighten your smile with a professional whitening treatment. Consider professional teeth whitening if your smile is yellow, stained, or dull. The results are dramatic, often whitening smiles up to 8 shades whiter. The results last a long time too, even up to 5 years! It’s time to stop using over-the-counter products and choose professional teeth whitening to give you a bright smile that lasts!

Cosmetic dentistry can also repair your damaged teeth with dental bonding. Consider dental bonding to repair or reshape the contours of your teeth if they are broken, damaged, or just poorly-shaped. Bonding uses composite, a unique liquid resin that can be matched to the color of your teeth, and sculpted into shape to form natural, beautiful contours. The resin is hardened with an ultraviolet light so the result is a strong, hard, tooth restoration treatment. Recontouring and reshaping is often done in conjunction with bonding to create a more harmonious smile that is uniquely yours.

Through porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry can additionally give you a dramatically improved, gorgeous smile. Consider porcelain veneers to change the color and shape of your teeth, as well as to hide minor alignment problems in your smile. Veneers are thin laminates of sparkling porcelain that are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth to hide issues like cracks, chips, or fracture lines. They can even hide tooth overlap and gaps between your teeth to give you a perfect smile!

Professional teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers are just a few of the many cosmetic dental services available to give you a great-looking smile. To find out more about cosmetic dentistry, call (817) 926-8700 for Drs. William Ralstin and Lindsey Horwedel in Fort Worth, Texas today!

By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
November 09, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Find out if you are the perfect candidate for this beautiful restoration.veneers

We know that nothing feels better than having a smile you feel confident showing off. All you have to do is think about how often you show your smile in order to talk to those around you and you quickly realize how important your smile’s appearance is. If you are dealing with certain cosmetic flaws our Fort Worth, TX, dentists Dr. William Ralstin and Dr. Lindsey Horwedel are here to help you decide whether dental veneers are right for you.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are custom-made ultra-thin shells that are typically made from porcelain. These restorations are designed to mimic the same translucency and appearance as natural tooth enamel. Each veneer is specially fabricated to cover the entire front portion of the tooth to alter and enhance its shape, size, color or alignment. Depending on your needs, a veneer can be placed over one problem tooth or over all of your teeth for a complete smile makeover. Very little tooth preparation is needed and you could get your new smile in just a couple visits.

Are dental veneers a good option for me?

You’ve probably been wondering whether you could be an ideal candidate for this cosmetic treatment. While the only way to truly find out is to visit one of our Fort Worth general dentists for a consultation, here are some factors that could help you determine if veneers are the best option:

  • You have severe stains that can’t be treated with professional teeth whitening
  • You have chips and cracks in one or more teeth
  • You have gaps between teeth
  • You have some teeth that overlap or are slightly crooked
  • You have a slightly misaligned smile
  • You have misshapen or malformed teeth

If you said yes to one or more of these issues, porcelain veneers could easily be bonded into place to cover these flaws and instantly improve the overall look of your smile.

Do dental veneers sound like the treatment you’ve been looking for? If you are ready to find out then it’s time to schedule a consultation with our Fort Worth, TX, general dentists. Isn’t it time you had a smile you were proud of?

By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
February 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Caring for veneers is simple. Learn the steps here.

Veneers are an excellent investment in your dental health and personal appearance. If you're considering veneers or you've had veneersveneers made for you by Dr. William Ralstin, cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth, Texas, you're probably wondering how to take care of them. The good news is that veneers, while small in size, are easy to care for! Dr. Ralstin is here to explain the best way to keep your porcelain veneers looking and feeling great.

Natural looking equals natural care

Besides giving you a total smile makeover, veneers from your Fort Worth cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ralstin, are relatively low maintenance. He recommends to all of his veneer-wearing patients to brush at least twice daily, floss once and visit his Fort Worth dental office at least three times a year for cleaning and checkups. While veneers cannot decay, your natural teeth are still underneath and they, as well as your gum tissue, are still subject to bacterial buildup. Therefore, good dental hygiene is imperative to keep veneers functioning properly.

Keep them bright and shiny

Dr. Ralstin will ensure that your veneers have a realistic color and shine to them before they are placed. To keep them from looking dull and potentially needing repairs or replacement, do not use abrasive toothpastes when brushing your teeth. This includes pastes that contain baking soda or silicates.

While porcelain veneers are generally resistant to stains, you may experience discoloration where the veneers meet the gums if you regularly partake in drinking coffee, tea or red wine or eating foods containing curry or artificial coloring agents. Regardless of the staining factor, your Fort Worth dentist will tell you that it's important to brush after meals to keep plaque from building up.

If you need further instruction, or to schedule a consultation about veneers with Dr. William Ralstin, give our Fort Worth dental office a call today!

By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
January 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Porcelain veneers are excellent for restoring otherwise sound teeth that are stained, chipped or slightly misaligned. But the question for many is, are they long-lasting?

Just as the term is used in building construction, a dental veneer is a thin covering of material that’s bonded to the outside of a tooth to conceal blemishes. Very thin layers of dental porcelain (a form of hardened glass colored to match a patient’s natural teeth) are created by a dental lab technician to achieve the preferred shape and size of the patient’s tooth. Unlike crowns or other restorations, veneers require very little tooth preparation to accommodate them.

As to their longevity: if cared for properly, a veneer could last for twenty years or more. While the veneer itself isn’t subject to the effects of dental disease, the tooth and the gums that support it are. Shrinking gum tissues as a result of periodontal (gum) disease, for example, could have a negative effect on the veneered tooth and subsequently the veneer. It’s important, then, that you properly practice daily brushing and flossing, along with keeping up regular office cleanings and checkups.

There’s one other important consideration: while porcelain veneers can withstand normal biting forces, if they’re subjected beyond their tolerance they could shatter. You should be careful not to subject your veneered teeth to an abnormal biting force, such as biting down on an extremely hard object. If you tend to grind your teeth at night, wearing a night guard can minimize the force created from the grinding.

It’s possible to repair and re-bond a loose or slightly chipped veneer. In some cases, though, severe damage may require a replacement. Still, by using common sense about what you bite down on and taking proper care of your teeth and gums, you can minimize the chances of damage and enjoy many years of a more attractive smile.

If you would like more information on porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers: How Long will Your Porcelain Veneers Last?.”

By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
September 28, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Now you can get a brand new smile without needing to shave down healthy teeth beforehand.

Do you like the idea of dental veneers but not so keen on what it requires? If you aren’t familiar with traditional veneers, these thin Veneersporcelain shells go over the front of teeth to cover common dental imperfections that keep you from having the smile you want. The one drawback for many patients who want to get dental veneers is that they don’t like the idea of having healthy enamel shaved down to accommodate their veneers. Luckily, your Fort Worth, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. William Ralstin can now offer the ideal smile without tooth preparation.

What are no-prep veneers?

These ultra-thin shells are made from translucent porcelain and are designed to cover the front portion of your teeth to hide certain disfigurements that might keep you from a healthier-looking smile.

What problems can no-prep veneers hide?

Veneers are a great option for those looking to cover stains, chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, misshapen or malformed teeth, as well as minor crookedness and overlapping.

How are no-prep veneers placed?

What makes no-prep veneers such an ideal treatment for many of our patients is that you can get a quick smile makeover without pain, drilling or needles. Plus, unlike traditional veneers, no-prep veneers don’t require any shaving down of healthy enamel to accommodate your new dental work. The only thing your dentist Dr. Ralstin in Fort Worth, TX will do beforehand is take impressions of your smile.

These impressions will be used to create your veneers. Once the veneers are made, we will use a special adhesive to apply them to the front of your teeth and then use a special laser to harden the adhesive. It’s simple and easy to get an improved smile with no-prep veneers.

What problems can’t no-prep veneers fix?

While this can be a great cosmetic option for many of our patients, it isn’t right for these cases:

  • Severely misaligned teeth
  • Buckteeth
  • Poorly aligned bites
  • Oversized teeth
  • Disproportionate facial structure

While veneers may not be right in these instances orthodontics are often the best option for correcting these problems and getting a more even smile. Your Forth Worth, TX dentist Dr. Ralstin can help you determine which treatment is right for you.

Dental veneers are a great way to improve the overall look of your smile. If you want to cover dental flaws then it’s time to talk to your Fort Worth, TX dentist Dr. Ralstin about whether dental veneers are best. Call our office today!

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