Maintaining a White Smile

Pearly whites are the hallmark of a great smile, and we all want a bright, attractive grin, but unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve and maintain a white smile, with beverages, oral hygiene habits, and age all playing factors in the whiteness of your teeth. The good news? With diligent dental care and the help of cosmetic dentist Dr. William Ralstin in Fort Worth, TX, you can have a beautiful white smile you'll be happy to show off.

What are the steps to maintaining a white smile?

Brushing: Clean, white teeth start with proper brushing. Make sure to brush thoroughly twice a day, or after meals, to remove any food bits or beverage residue. Use a soft-bristled brush, and ask a cosmetic dentistry professional at our Fort Worth, TX office for recommendations on a whitening toothpaste.

Flossing: Flossing between every tooth is also important for removing food and drink particles that can linger and develop into tartar or stains. Follow up by rinsing your mouth with water and/or mouthwash.

Avoiding staining food and drink: Some foods and beverages, including tomato products, red wine, coffee, and tea, can lead to the staining of teeth. Make sure to consume these items in moderation and to rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking them.

Quit smoking: Chewing or smoking tobacco can cause severe yellowing of your teeth that is hard to remove. Abstaining from tobacco is important for your dental and total body health.

Cosmetic dentistry: If your tooth stains are stubborn, consider professional whitening at our Fort Worth, TX office. This version of cosmetic dentistry uses professional-grade levels of hydrogen peroxide and special lights for powerful whitening that is long-lasting and yields impressive results.

Call your dentist at our Fort Worth, TX office at 817-926-8700 for tips about keeping your teeth white and information on our cosmetic dentistry options.

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