The Benefits Of Dental Bonding

The dental bonding material is typically made of a plastic and glass-based mixture known as composite resin. It starts out as a clay-likedental bonding substance, allowing the dentist to shape it accordingly, and then a curing light hardens it into place. Bonding is a common procedure performed at the cosmetic dental office of Dr. William Ralstin and Dr. Lindsey Horwedel in Fort Worth, TX. Here you'll learn about how bonding can improve not only your teeth's appearance but your dental health as well.

Cosmetic benefits

Bonding is a versatile cosmetic dental treatment that is frequently used by Dr. Ralstin and Dr. Horwedel at our Fort Worth cosmetic dentistry practice. It can fill in gaps, repair chips and build up the edges of worn down teeth. It can also be used to enhance the color of teeth when traditional whitening is not likely to help. Before applying any bonding material. Your cosmetic dentist will carefully match its shade to your teeth to give you a seamless and attractive look.

Protective benefits

The same bonding material that your Fort Worth dentist uses for cosmetic dental repairs and upgrades is also frequently used to fill cavities. In years past, metal-based materials were the preferred method of filling cavities; they were easier to mold, stronger and more durable than resin. However, the dental industry has improved upon many techniques and procedures, and the structure and longevity of resin fillings is now comparable to amalgam or gold. They offer the added benefit of blending in with the natural teeth; metal fillings are more noticeable and can even discolor the surrounding gum tissue. Occasionally bonding material is used as a barrier against decay and sensitivity when the gums have receded and a portion of the tooth's root is exposed.

If you have a cosmetic flaw that might benefit from bonding, or you have any other dental issue that needs addressed, we encourage you to contact our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Ralstin and Dr. Horwedel, for an appointment at our dental office in Fort Worth, TX.

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