How Bonding Can Help Fix Minor Imperfections In Your Smile
By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
February 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do your teeth have small chips or cracks, slight discoloration or other minor imperfections? If so, Fort Worth cosmetic dentist William Ralstin, DDS has just the solution for you: dental bonding. Read on to learn all about this exciting procedure and then call the office of Dr. Ralstin to set up your appointment today.Dental Bonding

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding improves your teeth's appearance by using tooth colored resin to make small but impactful changes. This resin is the same resin that your Fort Worth cosmetic dentist uses for fillings, except that with dental bonding, the change is cosmetic, not functional.

Dental bonding is a quick and easy procedure that your dentist can complete in one office visit. First, your dentist will consult a shade guide to find just the right color of bonding material for your teeth. Then he or she will slightly roughen up your tooth's surface in order to help the bonding material stick better.

Next, the dentist will place the bonding material on your teeth, shaping and molding it carefully until it looks just right. Once everything is in place, your dentist will harden the bonding material with a special light.

What Imperfections Can Dental Bonding Fix?

Dental bonding can be used to fix a number of small imperfections, including small chips and cracks, narrow gaps and even discoloration. It can be used to lengthen short teeth or to change a tooth's shape, especially when used in combination with teeth contouring.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

While dental bonding isn't the only cosmetic procedure Fort Worth dentist Dr. Ralstin provides, it does offer a number of important benefits. For example, dental bonding is quick and inexpensive and can often be completed in as little as one office visit. The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free so no anesthesia is needed. It requires little preparation and you get real, visible results right away.

When your smile simply needs a few minor corrections, don't opt for lengthy, invasive procedures. Get the quick, easy and effective treatment you need today. Visit your Fort Worth cosmetic dentist Dr. Ralstin for tooth bonding.


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