No Preparation Veneers Promise a Hassle-Free Treatment
By Dr. William Ralstin
September 15, 2014
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No Preparation Veneers Promise a Hassle-Free Treatment

Laughter is often the best medicine, unless of course you’re dealing with problem teeth. If you’re experiencing issues it can be hard to even show your teeth in public. However, there’s no reason it should be this way. If you’re dealing with teeth that are badly stained, crooked or misshapen, and you’re looking for a way to improve the health and look of your smile, it’s time you checked out our no preparation veneers.

Ever heard of veneers? Chances are you have. They are thin porcelain shells that are placed over the front of your teeth to alter the shape and color. They can be used to correct chips, stains, misshapen teeth, crookedness, and gaps. Compared to bonding, veneers promise a longer life. So what’s the difference between regular veneers and no preparation veneers? The answer lies in the name.

No Enamel Removal

While there is still little preparation needed for regular veneers, minimal enamel must be shaved down in order to accommodate the added size of the porcelain veneers; however, no preparation veneers lend themselves to being attached without grinding down any of the tooth’s surface. This is an added plus for many looking to improve and makeover their smiles but who aren’t ready to fully commit to changing their smiles forever.

No Anesthesia

OK, before you stop reading, there’s a reason you won’t need anesthesia with no preparation veneers—we aren’t changing your natural smile in any way, only covering over it. Since we also won’t be removing a part of the tooth’s surface, like we would with regular veneers, there’s no reason to numb the area. The local anesthesia is typically only used when we have to grind down some of the natural tooth to make room for standard veneers. If we aren’t removing enamel, then you don’t need anesthesia. This is an easy, pain-free experience.

Will no preparation veneers work for me?

No preparation veneers address several dental concerns:

  •     Chipped and cracked teeth
  •     Discolored or stained teeth
  •     Gaps between teeth
  •     Misshapen (pointy) or misaligned teeth
  •     Mild overcrowding
  •     Worn or small teeth
  •     Smiles that need a little aesthetic boost

However, if you have severely misaligned and crooked teeth, no preparation veneers might not be the right treatment for you. Instead, we might consider orthodontics for correcting your smile. And if you’re looking to get your pearly whites whiter, an easier route might be teeth whitening. Nonetheless, no preparation veneers have been referred to as “instant orthodontics” and have been giving patients in Forth Worth the smiles they desire. If you’re interested in getting more information or you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for no preparation veneers, pick up your phone and call your Forth Worth dentist at (817) 926-8700.

Are you happy with your no preparation veneers? Can’t say enough about them? There’s no reason to stop talking now. We want to hear from you about how much you love your new look.


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