Snoreguards and Nightguards - What Are They For?
By William Ralstin, D.D.S.
July 14, 2015
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From stress to eating habits, there are many reasons for not getting a good night’s sleep. While common, snoring and bruxism can be disruptive to both the sufferer and their partners’ sleep schedule. Luckily, for most cases, the answer could lie in the form of Snoreguardssnoreguard or nightguard custom-made by a dentist.

Why does snoring and bruxism occur? 
Snoring and bruxism, or tooth grinding, occur due to a variety of reasons, often together. Stress, anxiety and other psychological problems are known to be linked to causing these conditions. A number of lifestyle factors also contribute to snoring and bruxism, such as tobacco and alcohol use, or pre-existing medical conditions like sleep apnea.

What do snore guards and night guards do? 
Snoreguards are used to prevent snoring, and nightguards are used to prevent bruxism, or teeth grinding. These sleep aids are implemented to help the patient and the people around them to get more consistent and better rest. Snoreguards realign the jaw to the correct position to put the least amount of strain on the muscles that, when tensed, result in snoring.

Nightguards are used to create a buffer between the teeth, so that they do not crack or break when the jaw is strained due to grinding or clenching. In addition to preventing broken or cracked teeth, some nightguards also realign the jaw to create a more natural bite, so that the jaw muscles relax.

How are snoreguards and nightguards made? 
Custom guards, which can range from hard materials to soft, flexible materials, are made from an impression taken of the teeth. The mold is used to fabricate the guard to fit the teeth perfectly, ensuring it does not move around during sleep and is as comfortable as possible. After final adjustments are made, the guard is delivered to the patient.

How do I clean my guard?
Caring for a nightguard or snoreguard is simple. The guard is brushed the same way you would brush your teeth. Being sure to brush the guard every day ensures that it will stay clean and free of germs.

If you suffer from snoring, jaw clenching or tooth grinding, you should talk to a dentist. William Ralston of Ft. Worth Smile in Ft. Worth, TX and his team can be of help. Visit to schedule a consultation today.


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